About Us

USPAK Foundation (incorporated as PAKPAC Foundation in the State of Maryland) is a nationwide, membership-based, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization registered with the United States federal government. The Foundation has no political affiliation with any political party in the USA or Pakistan. All of the Foundation’s funding is generated from its Board of Directors, membership, or donor contributions from within the USA.

The Foundation advocates the concerns and issues of Pakistani-Americans in the USA and helps protect their basic civil and religious rights.  The Foundation has worked extensively to improve the image of both Pakistani-Americans and Pakistan in the USA. We are also focused on empowering the Pakistani-American youth.

The Pakistani-American community serves as the largest and most organized group of American Muslims from a single country. As its representatives, we are building bridges between the Pakistani-American community and the American people.


The Foundation’s activities are governed by its Board of Directors (BOD), who elect a President for a term of two years. An Executive Director, Treasurer, and Secretary act as working members of the Administrative committee. The Foundation’s BOD conducts its business through conference calls and meetings and, when needed, forms various working committees to address areas of concern.


The Foundation maintains its grassroots focus through local Chapters in various states and cities in the USA. A Charter Member in good standing, can become the Chapter Chair and is responsible for the affairs of the Chapter.


The Foundation forms issue-based local or national committees. These committees could be a standing committee or of a specific duration or purpose. A committee chair must be a USPAK Foundation Board Member and committee membership is open to Executive members only. For more on committees, click here


The Foundation is the most consistent voice for the rights of Pakistani-Americans and of Pakistan in the USA. Our activities are focused on preserving the citizenship rights of Pakistani-Americans, as provided by the Constitution of this country.

Events: The Foundation organizes and participates in various activities and events all year throughout the USA to improve the image of Pakistani-Americans.

Meetings/Seminars: The Foundation conducts and participates in meetings and seminars held in the USA, consisting of issues that are of interest to Pakistani-Americans. These meetings may take place with US or Pakistani policy makers, US administration, think tank personnel, or media personnel.

Surveys: The Foundation regularly conducts surveys to identify issues of concern amongst Pakistani- Americans.

Position Papers: The Foundation and its members often write position papers on important issues such as civil rights and civil liberties in the USA, the needs of Pakistani-Americans, concerns of the Pakistani-American youth, US foreign policy, South Asia regional stability, internal security of Pakistan, governance issues, etc.

Newsletter: The Foundation issues an e-newsletter regularly to keep its readers aware of its activities.  This e-newsletter contains various sections such as: immigration, civil rights, and religious freedom. We also carry various news about Pakistani-American activities, viewpoints of interest to Pakistani-Americans, and spotlighting successful Pakistani-Americans in the USA.

Press Release: The Foundation issues press releases to the media on developing stories and events of interest to Pakistani-Americans.

Community Action/Alert: The Foundation issues community action and community alerts asking its readers to take certain actions. These may include seeking public policy clarification, contacting media, taking part in a survey, etc.

Blog: The Foundation has an active blog where participants can share their viewpoints or start a thread of their own.

Growth Plans:

The Foundation would like to become the most effective voice of Pakistani-Americans in the USA; we would achieve this through our presence and activities in various cities and campuses across the nation. We would increase our reach by being a virtual organization with a large email distribution and active and resourceful website content.

The Foundation plans to start on-going leadership development programs for the Pakistani-American youth, a one-call redress for Pakistani-American civil rights and civil liberties issues, and a full time watchdog on media inaccuracies.

The Foundation plans to increase its research capabilities by inviting more scholars to join its advisory board. We would encourage them to write position papers and be an information portal for Pakistani-Americans.


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