Civil Liberties



A major component of the Foundation is to educate the public on issues related to human rights, democracy, pluralism and the development of civil rights.  The Foundation is strongly against racial profiling, inappropriate training of law enforcement officials which equates Islam with terrorism and laws which violate basic civil liberties of American citizens. 

Racial Profiling

Racial & religious profiling violates our nation's promise of equal justice under the law.  It not an effective weapon against crime or terrorism and diverts resources from real and actual threats.  Indeed, in 2003 then Attorney General John Ashcroft stated "This administration... has been opposed to racial profiling and has done more to indicate its opposition than ever in history. The President said it’s wrong and we’ll end it in America, and I subscribe to that. Using race… as a proxy for potential criminal behavior is unconstitutional, and it undermines law enforcement undermining the confidence that people can have in law enforcement."  In 2009 Attorney General Eric Holder described the use of race, ethnicity or national origin by law enforcement officers as “simply not good law enforcement.” 



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