Irma Hafeez


Irma Hafeez has been a resident of Montgomery County for over 20 years. Here, she has proven herself to be a role model as she works to bridge the gap between the Muslim and non-Muslim community. After 9/11 the true Muslim identity had to be re-defined and Ms. Hafeez initiated and participated in dialogues with her community and outside of it in order to find a way to improving the situation. The solution was to form grass-roots organizations and encourage the Muslim Community to be involved in the daily civic life of the community at large.

Thus, Ms. Hafeez serves four non-profit organizations. In addition to being the General Secretary of the Executive Council of the USPAK Foundation, she is the Director and Acting President of the Montgomery County Muslim Council (MCMC). She is the co-founder of the Maryland Muslim Council and served as its President in 2010. She is also the co-founder of the Montgomery County Muslim Foundation and is currently serving as its Vice-Chair.

She has spear-headed a number of projects over the years. One of them is the Senior Initiative where she designed a transport and social program specifically for Muslim seniors of the community. She has partnered with the Montgomery County Board of Education to help them collect and distribute backpacks and school supplies for kids in need.

Her greatest success has been in engaging Muslims, especially young Muslims in political involvement and awareness.


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