Irfan Malik


Mr. Malik completed his engineering BS bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering University in Pakistan and subsequently continued his education in Monash University in Australia.

He has been a founding member of the telecommunication equipment manufacturer Ciena, where the company grew in six years from 10 individuals to nearly 4000 employees. Revenue grew from zero to a billion dollars, which has resulted in tremendous downstream business and job growth in Maryland. He has 22 years of engineering design and business development experience in utilities, defense and telecommunication industries and has worked in various capacities at different buildings including Ciena, Alcatel and Boeing.

Mr. Malik has been extremely active in his civic responsibilities. He has served on the Board of Directors of the  Organization of Pakistani entrepreneurs and as the Executive Director of the National Association of Pakistani-Americans. He has been on various committees at Howard County such as hate, bias, school budget, curriculum, calendar and on the Howard Community College task force. He has also been a member of the Revenue Board Authority for Howard County.

He has been awarded the Community Builder Award by Democratic Central Committee and American Success Award by Howard County Government and the Community Service Award by Community Action Counsel in 2007. Mr. Malik is one of the most respected individuals in the community and has been instrumental in helping organize the Pakistani-American community at the regional and the national level.
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