S. Qaisar Shareef


Qaisar has recently concluded a nearly 30-year career with Procter & Gamble. He joined the company in Cincinnati, Ohio and served in several roles within the US and in P&G’s international operations in Marketing and in General Management. Most recently, he headed up the P&G operations in Pakistan, seeing it reach a quarter billion dollars in sales. He has also served as P&G General Manager for Ukraine in late 1990’s.

Recently Procter & Gamble Pakistan received the Award for Corporate Excellence from US Department of State in Washington DC, recognizing the company’s contributions in corporate social and environmental responsibility, and it’s excellence in community engagement.

During his time at P&G Pakistan, Qaisar worked closely with several non profit organizations engaged in providing education to the under privileged and in disaster relief. He continues to serve on the boards of some of these organizations.

While in Pakistan Qaisar was twice elected to the Management Committee of the Overseas Chamber of Commerce in Karachi. He served as chair of the the taxation and CSR subcommittees of this chamber. He was also twice elected to the Executive Committee of the American Business Council in Pakistan. This chamber has recently named Qaisar as their representative to the US Pakistan Business Council in Washington DC. 

Qaisar has a bachelor of science degree in management from the Middle East Technical University, in Ankara, Turkey, and an MBA from the University of Cincinnati, in Ohio. He is based in the Washington DC area.
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