Dr. Saud Anwar


Saud Anwar is a physician who specializes in Lung Diseases and Critical Care Medicine. Currently, he serves as Chair of the Department of Internal Medicine of Manchester Memorial and Rockville General Hospitals.

Dr. Anwar received medical training in Pulmonary and Critical Care from Yale University. He also has a Masters in Public Health from Yale University. He is a Board Member of the South Windsor Community Foundation and President of the South Windsor Haiti School, Inc.

Dr. Anwar is involved in humanitarian and peace initiatives nationally and internationally. He is frequently invited to consult for the US government and has organized medical missions for disaster relief. His efforts have been recognized at the state and federal levels and by several professional organizations. Dr. Anwar has received citations for his service to the State from Governor Rell, Attorney General Blumenthal, Secretary of State Bysiewicz and members of the Connecticut General Assembly.

In addition, Dr. Anwar is an expert on international affairs. He is frequently invited to appear on national and international television. These have included: CNN Wolf Blitzer, CNN Deborah Fayereck, CNN Susan Candiotti, NBC-30, CTN, Fox-61, Vectone TV–UK, Geo TV-Forum, and Voice of America-International. He is currently a Town Councilor of South Windsor, CT, where he lives with his family.
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