Partnership with Law Enforcement Agencies

Partnership with Law Enforcement Agencies

The USPAK Foundation has developed a Partnership with Law Enforcement Agencies (PLEA). This is a law-enforcement program created to help build relationships between law enforcement agencies and the Pakistani-American community.

This program helps by providing tools for recruitment of Pakistani-Americans in the law enforcement agencies, developing strategies for successful engagement between the two groups, and increasing awareness and protocols for communities.

PLEA helps various law enforcement agencies understand the different American-Muslim community groups. The Pakistani-American community has many immigrants who work in highly visible positions and capacities, which range from convenience store owners, gas station operators, cabdrivers to positions including engineers, computer programmers and physicians. The Pakistani-American community serves as one of the single largest group of South Asians in the United States. It is critical that law enforcement agencies be aware of each community’s protocols to be able to differentiate between different ethnic groups.

The Pakistani-American community has been disproportionately targeted for hundreds of hate crimes. Most of these crimes have remained unreported, and there is a high risk of escalation of such hate-based crimes if appropriate steps are not taken by both the community and the authorities.

At this time, it is necessary to educate agencies and corporations with respect to the Pakistani-American community, and the different cases of Pakistani-Americans and American-Muslims. The Foundation/ PLEA has put together training materials which include: a PowerPoint presentation, handouts and educational information.

These training materials discuss basic information of Pakistan, features of the Pakistani-American community, the positive role of Pakistani-Americans in US society, differences between South Asians and American Muslims, and common misconceptions and stereotypes. The program also provides recommendations for law enforcement agencies on interacting with Pakistani-Americans and American Muslims.


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