Collegiate Fellowships for Top Colleges and Universities


USPAK in partnership with Zindagi, an organization that believes in providing health education to girls in Pakistan, is starting a highly selective Collegiate Fellowship program for talented and ambitious high school sophomores and juniors. The program will provide a focused and personalized one-to-one coaching to the Fellows; it serves as an overarching and personalized introduction to a potential educational and professional path of the Fellow's choosing - it is a tool formatted for the most promising students who do not only dream of an influential life, but are eager to learn how to achieve their dreams in a pragmatic way. The Founders of Zindagi, two Harvard students Aleeza Hashmi and Amna Hashmi, are the Directors of the program. Selected Fellows will spend 4 days during their school spring break at Harvard University, meeting with academics and students, getting a preview of academic teaching at Harvard, and sitting in a class of their choice. Fellows will also be familiarized with the Harvard admission process and selection criterion. After discussing their needs with each Fellow, the Directors will develop a year-long program for the Fellows to help them achieve their objectives.

The deadline to apply for this Fellowship program is February 15th 2013. At this time only students enrolled in a high school in USA may apply. To learn more about the program and to apply, please visit Collegiate Fellowship.

It is a highly competitive program and requires significant time to complete the application process. If you have any questions about the program, send an email to


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