The history of the United States is full of hard work and sacrifices of immigrants from various parts of the world. They have adopted this land as their homeland over many centuries. Today, immigrants are an integral part of American society and have continued to enhance American culture with their diversity.

In a post 9/11 era, there has been an organized movement to reduce immigration through legal means. The USPAK Foundation is in favor of a fair immigration policy and is also in favor of legal immigration. We are fully supportive of equal opportunities for immigrants and fair processing times for immigrants regardless of their country of origin. The Foundation opposed the national security exit entry registration system (NSEERS) which required the registration of people of Pakistani origin.

The United States is blessed with highly qualified workers. The Foundation feels that skilled workers from Pakistan will be able to contribute positively to both the US economy and community. We support the immigration of qualified personnel to the United States on specific Pakistan-based H1B visas.

Pakistan also has highly trained professionals, such as engineers and physicians, whose entry into the United States has proved to be beneficial over the years. The Foundation works for the expeditious issuance of visas for medical doctors seeking residency and students coming for higher studies.

The Foundation has set up the Immigrant Group Liaison Committee to reach out and develop coalitions with other immigrant communities.  The goal is to identify common issues and challenges. Working together, immigrant communities can help educate the larger American community about the importance of continuing appropriate immigration policies.

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