Our Work

·        Advance the empowerment of Pakistani American youth. Strengthen the skills of future leaders in the areas of Public and Private sectors, intergroup and interethnic relations, and public relations.
·        Increase the American public understanding of the depth and scope of the Pakistani American contribution to American society.
·        Bring issues affecting Pakistani Americans into national, state, and local dialogues.
·        Advocate for social justice, civic participation, education, equal opportunity and fair treatment.
·        Promote immigrant rights and just reforms to the immigration system.
·        Foster civic education of the Pakistani American community to become strong and visible participants in America’s civic and political culture.
·        Advance minority coalition and community building.
·        Cultivate cultural heritage.
List of Activities
Our Focus
Youth Empowerment
A third of Pakistani Americans are under the age of 17. The USPAK Foundation is focused on youth education, community integration, volunteerism, cultural heritage, and leadership development. We will help our youth engage key opinion-makers and facilitate meaningful dialogue for effective change.
Public Engagement
The USPAK Foundation believes it is our civic responsibility to vote, work with elected officials, and get involved in the domestic democratic process. Knowing our rights is essential to safeguarding them. Issues such as bullying, discrimination in the workplace, and racial profiling can be dealt with more effectively if we have a history of being leaders and volunteers in our communities.
Religious Freedom
The Foundation supports religious freedom within the United States and recognizes it as a fundamental principle of this nation.
Media Relations
Pakistani Americans need to communicate effectively using new tools with the media, respond to negative views, and develop a media presence.
Women’s Rights
USPAK Foundation will focus on issues such as social assimilation programs and disseminating educational materials to allow Pakistani American women to know their rights.


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