Youth Leadership Events 2012

3rd Annual Leadership Conference Jul 2012

Youth Excellence Workshops Jul 2012

Summer Internship Opportunities March 2012

2nd Annual Youth Leadership Conference Oct  2011

1st Annual Youth Leadership Conference Aug 2010

The USPAK Foundation is committed to improving and increasing the participation of our youth in national affairs. Grooming the next generation of Pakistani-American leaders is the key to the advancement of the Pakistani-American community. We seek and encourage Pakistani-American students at college campuses to be actively involved in The USPAK Foundation. Moreover, we encourage student leaders to help us formulate and execute strategies to educate Pakistani-American students on domestic policy issues as well as the relationship between Pakistan and the United States.

We ask students to do the following:

1. Join and become active members of The USPAK Foundation.

2. Monitor newspaper coverage on Pakistani-Americans and Pakistan and report biased and inaccurate information to The Foundation.

3. Develop active Pakistani-American associations on campus.

4. Communicate with the political science department at their respective colleges and educate them on issues that the The Foundation advances.

5. Join The  Foundation internship program.


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